Nathan Jacobson behind clearers in ICC pornography affair


Jewish-Canadian businessman Nathan Jacobson, a strategic partner in Israel Credit Cards-Cal Ltd. (ICC-Cal) (Visa), who had been declared a fugitive by the US, will be extradited by Canada to the US. He was convicted of laundering $46 million in the clearing of illegal online transactions.  Jacobson's attorney in Israel, Adv. Benny Katz, said: "Mr. Nathan Jacobson is under arrest, after he appeared before a Toronto court at his own initiative and waived his right to fight against his extradition. At the hearing, Mr. Jacobson promised to appear before the court within a week for the extradition, and did so. The circumstances under which my client is cooperating, and the exact details, cannot be disclosed, as their disclosure is liable to affect his trial, and could also put him and the others at . unnecessary risk. In my client's favor, he is not afraid of the extradition, or of the handling of his legal affairs in the US, so he took this courageous step, i.e. voluntarily agreeing to his extradition